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XTRA Smart™ Precision™ Soil Moisture Sensor (53812)

  • Turns most timers into a "smart" timer and meets the municipal requirements in many areas. Save up to 35% in annual water usage
  • Works with most irrigation timers including Rain Bird®, Hunter® or Orbit®
  • Wireless--up to 500' line-of-sight range
  • Easy to install - no digging or tools needed--does not require removal for mowing
The Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor continuously measures moisture levels in the soil and determines when to allow the irrigation controller to water, maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system. There are two :wireless" components to the system - a receiver that hooks up to the irrigation controller, and a sensor that installs in the ground. Any time the moisture level exceeds the user-defined optimum level for the plant material, the controller is prevented from running any irrigation programs.

Save Water - Save Money

Check your local water agency for available rebates.

Wireless Communication

Up to 500’ (152m) line-of-sight.

Signal Strength Indicating LED

A multi-color LED on the sensor probe indicates radio signal strength to assist in finding a suitable installation location.

Automatic Calibration

The sensor will automatically detect the soil type and adjust all calculations accordingly.

Slim Design

The sensor probe’s ultra-slim ¾” profile allows it to avoid being damaged by mowing equipment.

Long Battery Life

Easily replaceable batteries last up to 2 years with alkaline batteries (longer with lithium).

Power Probe: 3 AA batteries; Receiver: 24 VAC from controller
Operating Temperature Probe: 14°F to 170°F (-10°C to 77°C); 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Range 500' (152m) line-of-sight
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