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Sand Pro® 2040Z (08706)

  • Industry first zero-turn mechanical groomer
  • Unmatched Maneuverability and Productivity
  • Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) engine
  • Fast 12 mph transport speed
The all-new Sand Pro 2040Z mechanical rake is unlike anything else in the marketplace; a zero-turn mechanical groomer delivering unmatched maneuverability and productivity. This unique machine is a daily bunker rake that will reduce a golf course's labor costs for both mechanical and hand raking of bunkers. A brand new "flex" raking system with the patent-pending "lift in turn" feature enables an operator to turn tightly in bunkers without leaving unraked teardrops or tire marks.

Unparalleled Maneuverability & Productivity

Zero-turn steering allows the Sand Pro 2040Z to groom many bunkers other mechanical groomers simply cannot access. This means you can groom more bunkers with less labor, allowing your staff to complete other tasks sooner.

Innovative Bunker Raking System

This unique 84-inch (213 cm) wide flex tooth rake features three reversible rubber trowels that reduce damage to bunker liners and edges. Each of the rake's three sections moves independently to follow bunker contours. The flex tooth rake has adjustment stops for pivot, rake pitch and "lift in turn" height.

"Lift In Turn"

The patent pending feature makes the inside flex tooth rake section lift in a tight turn preventing teardrop formation, leaving a uniform bunker surface.

Thumb-Activated Groomer

The rear attachment is easily operated through a thumb switch on the right hand control stick. The hydraulic lift system is safe and quick, allowing the operator to enter and exit bunkers quickly.

Fast Transport

The Sand Pro 2040Z transports at 12 mph (19.3 km/h), 20% faster than other Sand Pro models.

Reliable Engine

The Sand Pro 2040Z's twin cylinder, air-cooled Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) gasoline engine is powerful enough to easily climb in and out of bunkers and quickly transport over hills without bogging down. The single stage cyclonic air filter keeps the engine running cleanly in the dustiest conditions.

Easy Access for Maintenance

The unitized transmission design consists of two independent unitized pump and wheel motor assemblies that minimize hydraulic lines and connections for reliable, low-maintenance performance.

Engine Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) 2 cylinder, 4-cycle, gasoline
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal (17 L) of unleaded gas
Ground Speed Forward 0-12 mph (0-19.3 km/h), Reverse 0-4 mph (0-6.4 km/h)
Height 73 in (185 cm)
Length 89 in (226 cm) with Flex Tooth Rake, 84.8 in (215 cm) with Nail Drag
Traction Drive Belt driven independent infinitely variable unitized transmission, with automatic tensioning system.
Weight 920 lbs (417 kg) with Flex Tooth Rake, 970 lbs (439 kg) with Nail Drag
Warranty 2-year limited
Width 84 in (213 cm) with Flex Tooth Rake, 71.5 in (182 cm) with Nail Drag

Flex Tooth Rake

The reversible rubber trowels are made from a modified natural rubber providing exceptional grooming and will not tear bunker liners or damage turf. The 84-inch wide rake is comprised of three sections and able to continuously groom a 70-inch radius surface, a new industry benchmark. The patent-pending "lift-in-turn" design allows for continuous grooming during a zero radius turn.

Light Kit (08721)

Two LED lights, one front-facing and one rear-facing, that mounts to ROPS.

Mesh Bag Kit (PN 127-0359)

Storage bag for maintenance tools, trash, debris, etc.; mounts to ROPS.

Speed Limiter Kit (08720)

Automatically reduces maximum speed of the traction unit when the rear attachment is lowered. The kit allows the grooming speed to be set in the range of 3-7 mph (4.8-11.3 km/h).

Brush Finishing Kit (08719)

Three section brush that mounts to flex tooth rake.

Rake Holder (PN 127-0353-03)

Sand Pro 2040Z has a standard rake holder mounted on left hand side. A second optional rake holder can mount to right hand side of Sand Pro 2040Z.

Seat Suspension Kit (PN 125-6469)

Rubber isolators provide cushioning.

Turf Trac Tire (PN 125-6462)

Less aggressive tread for rear drive tires.

Bimini Sunshade (30358)

Helps you stay cool and comfortable on sunny days. Canvas sunshade that mounts to ROPS.

Product LiteratureGolf Sell SheetEnglish PDF
SpecificationsView Detailed SpecificationsEnglish PDF
CARB WarrantyEnglish PDF1 Pages
Operator ManualEnglish PDF60 Pages
 Danish PDF60 Pages
 German PDF64 Pages
 Spanish PDF60 Pages
 Finnish PDF60 Pages
 French PDF64 Pages
 Italian PDF64 Pages
 Japanese PDF60 Pages
 Dutch PDF64 Pages
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 Chinese PDF52 Pages
Parts CatalogEnglish PDF44 Pages
Schematic Drawing - ElectricalEnglish PDF1 Pages
Schematic Drawing - HydraulicEnglish PDF1 Pages


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