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Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

  • Our irrigation testing facility in Riverside, CA, includes a closed-loop system that utilizes filtered, recycled water to minimize overall water and energy consumption.

  • The Toro Company installed exhaust-scrubbing equipment to reduce carbon monoxide and other contaminants by more than 90 percent at its engineering test facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

  • The company's global manufacturing facilities further reduce environmental impacts by:
    • Recycling steel, aluminum, plastics, cardboard packaging and paper.
    • Recovering and reusing powder (paint) coating.
    • Recycling water used in production through a wastewater treatment system.
    • Replacing certain cleaning systems with new systems for reduced energy and water requirements.
    • Replacing inefficient lighting fixtures to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint.
    • Recycle and reuse 90+ percent of plastic scrap generated by manufacturing drip irrigation products by recovering and reusing them in our processes.

  • The company has implemented a rainwater collection and redistribution system at its facility in Adelaide, Australia, to irrigate the grounds.

  • Where feasible, Toro transports product components from suppliers to our facilities in reusable or recyclable packaging.