Environmentally Friendly Our Best Selling Snowblower Compact and Powerful The Ultimate Snowblower
Compact lightweight, maintenance free electric snowblower. Outstanding performance at an affordable price. Perfect for deep and compacted snow. Heavy duty construction with easy to operate features.
Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces Concrete, Asphalt and Gravel Surfaces Concrete, Asphalt and Gravel Surfaces
Sidewalks, Decks, and 2-4 Car Driveways 4-8 Car Driveways 4-10 Car Driveways 6+ Car Driveways
Snow 2" to 6" Deep Snow 2" to 9" Deep Snow 6" to 12" Deep Snow 6+" Deep
$129 - $309 $399 - $829 $899 - $1099 $1399 - $2099
Zip Deflector

Patented locking-style deflector quickly adjusts to throw snow where you want it.
Power Curve Technology

Curved rotor and inverted funnel housing efficiently remove snow while reducing clogging.
Ergonomic Handle

Full-bail ergonomic handle offers intuitive operation with either hand.
Power Propel Drive System

An innovative pivoting scraper keeps the rotor in constant contact with the ground, self propelling the snowblower through the snow, reducing your effort, all while clearing down to the pavement. (Select models only.)
Quick Shoot Chute Control

Change the chute direction without slowing down. Just squeeze the trigger and slide the grip. (Select models only.)
Zip Deflector

Quickly throw snow high, low or in-between. Adjusts in less than a second with a touch of your hand. (Select models only.)
Quick Stick® Chute Controls

Innovative joystick control allows you to change chute direction and angle quickly and easily on the go.
Anti-Clogging System (ACS)

Excess snow that the impeller cannot throw out the chute can cause it to clog. Our innovative system is the only one that allows the impeller to automatically reroute excess snow away from the chute and back into the auger to prevent the chute from clogging.
Sub Zero Chute Material

Chute, deflector and ACS are made of a special cold-weather material durable to -104°F and guaranteed for life. It is also rust-free, so there's no binding. Snow and ice won't stick.
Commercial Grade Auger Gearbox

No shear pins needed, so there are none to replace.
Power Steering

Effortless maneuverability with the pull of a trigger.
Aggressive 14" Diameter Serrated Auger

Extra-large auger to chew through the toughest snow.
Electric Snow Power Clear® Single-Stage Power Max® Two-Stage Power Max® HD Two-Stage
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