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P-220 Series

  • Durable Glass-Filled Nylon ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 15 bar
  • Optional Spike-Guard™ solenoid features very low power consumption, which reduces wire size requirements, allows twice as many valves to run simultaneously on a transformer, and lowers power costs.
  • Precise, pressure control option with compact EZReg™ (can be factory installed) dial design. Technology does not affect friction loss unlike competitive valves.
  • Pressure regulator works in electric or manual modes and is serviceable under pressure.
These heavy-duty glass-filled nylon valves are specially designed for commercial applications with pressures up to 15.2 bar, but also have the ability to pressure regulate the flow through the valve anywhere from 0.3 to 6.9 bar

Durable Glass-Filled Nylon

Ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 15 bar.

Precise Pressure Control Option

Compact EZReg® dial-design technology (factory or field installed - no need to remove solenoid).

Internal And External Manual Bleed

Keeps valve box dry and easy to use.

Schrader Valve Pre-Installed

Simple verification of downstream pressure.

Nearly Three Times the Lightning Protection of Competitive Product

With a lightning rating exceeding 20,000 volts.

Filter Screen On 2" (50 mm) & 3" Models (75 mm)

Allows for upstream filtration of water to ensure no clogging occurs inside the valve.

Flow 4.1 to 250 gpm (19 to 1,135 L/min)
Operating Pressure 0.7 to 15.2 bar max
Solenoid DC Latching
Inrush 0.40 amps; Spike Guard 0.12 amps
Dimensions 1" (25.4 mm): 17.1 cm H x 9.2 cm W; 1.5" (38.1 mm): 18.4 cm H x 9.2 cm W; 2" (51.4 mm): 24.1 cm H x 15.6 cm W; 3" (76.2 mm): 27.3 cm H x 15.6 cm W
Size 1" (25.4 mm), 1.5" (38.1 mm), 2" (25.4 mm), 3" (76.2 mm)
Holding 0.20 amps; Spike Guard 0.10 amps
Body Style Angle, Inline/Globe
Burst Pressure Safety Rating 750 psi (51.7 BAR)
Minimum Pressure Differential 10 psi (.7 BAR)
Construction Glass-filled Nylon
Activation Electric
Product LiteratureP-220 Sell SheetEnglish PDF
SpecificationsBid SpecsEnglish WORD
ManualInstall Guide - All ModelsEnglish PDF
ManualInstall-1 & 1.5" Plastic ElectricEnglish DWG
ManualInstall-1 & 1.5" Plastic ElectricEnglish PDF
ManualInstall - 2 & 3" Pressure RegulatedEnglish DWG
ManualInstall-1 & 1.5" Pressure RegulatedEnglish PDF
ManualInstall - 2 & 3" Plastic ElectricEnglish DWG
ManualInstall - 2 & 3" Plastic ElectricEnglish PDF
ManualInstall - 2 & 3" Pressure RegulatedEnglish PDF

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