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Service Manuals

This page currently provides links to Service Manuals for CURRENT PRODUCTION MODELS ONLY. Access to ALL Service Manuals pertinent to your fleet is available by subscribing to TORO myTurf. If myTurf is not an option, due to lack of high speed internet connectivity, or your Distributor does not yet support myTurf, our entire library of Service Manuals is available on the Service Reference CD. You can also order printed manuals from the Toro University Bookstore.

Click here for a complete listing of Technical Education Materials and instructions for ordering.

All Products

Description Part No.
Quick Reference Service Guide. Revised (Ver. 15) Jun, 2012 02107SL
2012 - 2013 Service Reference CD-ROM. Sep, 2012 NEW 12192SD

Rotary Mowers

Description Part No.
Groundsmaster® 360 NEW Sep, 2011 11184SL
Groundsmaster 3280-D/3320 (Rev A) Dec, 2007 05138SL
Groundsmaster 3500-D (Rev F) Dec, 2009 01088SL
Groundsmaster 3505-D (Rev B) Dec, 2009 05145SL
Groundsmaster 4000-D/4010-D (Model 30448, 30446) (Rev A) Sep, 2012  10176SL
Groundsmaster 4100-D/4110-D (Model 30449, 30447) (Rev A) Sep 2012  10177SL
Groundsmaster 4300-D Jun, 2010 10178SL
Groundsmaster 4500-D/4700-D (Model 30857, 30858) Jan, 2010 09172SL
Groundsmaster 5900/5910 Jan, 2009 08159SL
Groundsmaster 7200/7210 May, 2007 07150SL

Large Reel Mowers

Description Part No.
Reelmaster® 3100-D (Rev G) Sep, 2012  99024SL
Reelmaster 5210/5410/5510/5610 (Rev C) Sep, 2012 06148SL
Reelmaster 6500-D/6700-D (w/Kubota engine) (Rev F) Jan, 2009 01084SL
Reelmaster 7000 (Rev A) Sep, 2012 11185SL
Reelmaster 4000-D (Rev C) Dec, 2007 98958SL

Greens Reel Mowers

Description Part No.
Greensmaster® 800/1000/1600/2000/2600 (Rev B) Sep, 2012 96889SL
Greensmaster Flex 1800/2100 (Model 04041, 04040) NEW Jun, 2012 12188SL
Greensmaster eFlex 1800/2100 (Model 04043, 04042) NEW Sep, 2012 12189SL
Greensmaster 3150 (Model 04358) NEW Sep, 2012 12191SL
Greensmaster 3250-D (Model 04384) NEW Jun, 2012 12186SL
Greensmaster Triflex 3300/3400 NEW Jun, 2012 12187SL
Greensmaster Triflex 3320/3420 NEW Sep, 2012 12190SL


Description Part No.
Multi Pro® 1200/1250 (S/N 310000001 & up) Jun, 2011 11182SL
Multi Pro 5800 (Rev A) Sep, 2012 11181SL
Workman® MD/MDX Jan, 2009 08160SL
Workman MDE Electric Vehicle (Rev A) Jun, 2011 08164SL
Workman HD/HDX (Rev A) Jun, 2011 09173SL
Workman Spray System (Rev B) Jun, 2011 03124SL

Specialty Equipment

Description Part No.
Pro Core® 648 Aerator (Rev C) Dec, 2009 04129SL
Pro Core 864/1298 Aerator Dec, 2007 07155SL
Pro Core SR Series Aerators Jun, 2011 10174SL
Pro Core Processor July, 2008 08156SL
Pro Force Blower (Rev B) Jun, 2011 08158SL
Pro Sweep (Model 07066) Jun, 2011 10179SL
Sand Pro® 2020 (Rev B) Dec, 2006 98957SL
Sand Pro® 3040/5040 (Rev A) Dec, 2006 06147SL
Topdresser 1800 and 2500 Jul, 2007 07154SL